Virgin Atlantic and Delta to Open a Pop-up Pub in London
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Virgin Atlantic and Delta to Open a Pop-up Pub in London

Pop-up ads are something that we are all irritated of. Our inadvertent click on an internet page suddenly takes us to an advertisement page. Most of the time, we are not even interested in knowing what it is about. This time, this pop-up will make you happy. When you are planning to travel abroad, you normally dig into the internet to find the best airlines and routes. If you are a frequent flyer, you might have a travel agent to do this.

However, what if you get to taste the beers from the destinations? I guess, it is like a dream come true to you. Not anymore. Virgin Atlantic in conjunction with Delta is planning to open a pop-up pub in London's old crown public house on the new Oxford street. It is as good as a news for you as the time you learnt about the new Cozino welcome offer - which helped you play your favourite online games for a steal.

What is the Pop-Up Pub Going to Feature?
You can expect a whole lot of things here.

For one, this pub will have signature beers from all the 230 destinations. The microbreweries for each will allow the customers to taste the local beer from the destination city. Virgin Atlantic and delta's pop-up bar is a new concept.

The pub commemorates the joint venture of these two airlines. With them working together, the UK and the USA are all the more connected to each other. If you thought that 230 varieties of beer are less, here is the main attraction. If you win the pub quizzes, you even get free airline tickets.

London is well-known for its pub culture. This is definitely something that will get the Londoners on their feet from August 10 the to 19th. So, when you are out on the streets during this, get yourself to this street. Get free pints of beer and even win a chance to fly to your dream city absolutely free.

This is definitely a novel way to attract new customers. This kind of step is something unheard of. Even we feel that so much variety of beer and too till 3 in the morning is something to attract the crowd too, not to mention the posh atmosphere of those streets. If someone needs to be appreciated, it is the PR department. This pub will definitely be adding a new chapter to the London pubs.

Why Shouldn't You be Too Happy?
If you are looking to get the most out of it, you might want to head off to the pub straightaway.

What is disheartening is that this pop-up pub is temporary. We really wish that this could be a permanent pub. Maybe the airlines will think about it. Till then, all we can do is wait for 10th August. After that, we can just wish that more airlines get into such associations and offer Londoners more such pubs. Maybe other cities too will catch up with the concept.

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