THEN AND NOW: How Glamorous traveling on Trains used to be
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THEN AND NOW: How Glamorous traveling on Trains used to be

Trains hit the tracks for the first time in 1804. But then they were merely a locomotive engine to attend to the iron industries. The first train to carry passengers was launched in 1825. As with the most modes of transport, it used to be slow. And while you could even play your favorite online games with a Cozino welcome bonus code even on a train, thanks to good internet connectivity, things weren't the same a century ago.

For one, only the rich could afford it. Trains weren't meant for everybody, after all - it is pretty much like what space travel and tourism will be in the near future.

It was considered a status symbol to travel by train. Most people could afford horse carts only.

The Top Ways Traveling on Trains has Changed
So, here we will be seeing how the train's glamour changed over the course of time.
a. Luggage:
Today most of us travel with compact bags with wheels. But, earlier it used to be heavy metal trunks. Just imagine the space they took and also the number of servants required to carry them.
b. Meals:
Other than long-distance trains, meals are rarely served on board. Initial train journey involved meals and all sorts of drinks; travelling even short distances in not so efficient coal-powered engines wasn't easy, after all.
c. Compartments:
Earlier trains used to have luxurious compartments. Slavery and racial discrimination were also very common. As a result, there were classes of the compartment with first being the most comfortable and third being the least. But, today, you will uniform train coaches. Just the luxury trains have different coach structure.
d. Porters and lots of porters:
Earlier travels used to be with heavy luggage. People preferred to carry even their sleeping mattress with them. So, obviously, they needed porters who would help them board and take down the luggage. So, there used to be lots of them in a railway station. As soon as the train stopped, you would be greeted by them. But the modern stations have very few lefts. Obviously, who needs porters when you have wheeled bags!
e. Bookworms everywhere:
Trains from the golden ages housed lots of bookworms. Not because they loved them but because that was the only mode of entertainment for the passengers. As a result, stations used to have lots of book stalls. You could grab a book from any station on the way. Today's trains are filled with the smartphone-addicted population. You will rarely find anyone reading a book.

The glamour of the train journey has not died. It has simply changed in its form. With good connectivity, people use it more often for traveling to work. Obviously, you can't expect them to enjoy a glass of beer when it's Tuesday evening.

However, you will definitely find them doing so on the luxury tourist trains. So, yes, the glamour is somewhat missing. But, let's not forget, the train is basically a mode of transport, and with a tough lifestyle, it is tougher for people to enjoy little things in life.

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