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Why hiring tables and chairs is important for any big party or event

Everyone looks forward to parties and events, especially after the year we've all just had! After various stay-at-home lockdowns forced us all to abandon our social lives and move to a virtual world of seeing our friends, the simple fact that we've got something to look forward to will never again be taken for granted!

Parties and celebration events come in all different types. It might be a birthday party for a family member, or a celebration to toast the success of a company. Maybe a special anniversary party for a couple, or even an arena Christmas party for hundreds or thousands of excited guests.

Whilst there are many elements that contribute to the success of an event or party, tables and chairs are one of the essential ones, yet maybe not as glamorous as others. So, let's see why you need to consider chair hire for events quite carefully during your event or party planning process.

Most events involve some sort of catering
Whether it's a formal sit down dinner or buffet event, you will need chairs and tables to accommodate your guests. For sit down dinners, banqueting tables come in round and rectangular, with folding legs, and are available in a whoe host of different sizes. The larger the table, the more guests you can seat!

For buffet events, you could even consider poseur tables which are elbow-height tables, and instead of chairs you could hire stools which are at the suitable height. Whatever your event, make sure you have enough tables and chairs to seat everyone, and comfortably!

A word of advice when it comes hiring banqueting tables is that usually these have wooden tops and so you'll also need to hire tablecloths to cover them if you're aiming for a top quality look and finish. Most furniture hire companies will offer this as an additional service.

One type doesn't fit all!
Whilst you might think "it's just tables and chairs", don't fall into that trap. The world of chair hire and table hire is extensive, with hundreds of different options. Certainly when it comes to chairs, the classic look is the Chiavari wooden framed banqueting chair which you'll find on Instagram wedding pages, though that's certainly not the only banqueting chair type in the UK market. Choose from a whole host of other styles in different colours, and you can often choose your seat cushion colour to go on certain types of banqueting chairs, enabling you to match up your chairs with your event decor and styling.

And when it comes to tables, whilst banqueting tables are the most popular, who is to say that you have to use these? Modern dining events using luxury tables, chairs and other event furniture are very much on-trend at the moment, where you can hire dining tables with high white gloss finishes and so there's no need to hire a tablecloth. That's just one example of special dining tables that are often found at luxury weddings and corporate events.

It's also worth noting that industrial, rustic style tables and chairs are very popular at the moment, with tables and chairs made from reclaimed scaffolding poles and timber often providing a real talking point for these types of engaging events.

Hiring event furniture is kinder on your pocket
There's no doubt that for temporary events such as parties and events, renting chairs is better for your budget. There's no heavy investment required in buying chairs and tables, nor a long lead time. All you do is pay the small rental prices for a period of time and then hand them back at the end - the complete hassle-free solution, especially if you are working with a chair and table hire company who delivers to and collects from your event venue!

These are the reasons as to why you should spend some dedicated time looking at all the options when it comes to table and chair for events and parties. Hopefully the above pointers will help you along the way, and enable you to create an event or party that will live long in the memory!

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