Planning Your Move to London
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Planning Your Move to London
Ask ten different people where the best place to live in London is and you'll get ten different answers. England's capital city is a brilliant, beautiful sprawling metropolis where each neighbourhood is vastly different from the next, and picking the perfect place for you and planning your move is a huge undertaking.

South London
There's the old myth that central London taxis won't take you, that it takes hours to get home, and there's nothing happening on the other side of the Thames. This is all lies: living in South London isn't just more affordable, it's fantastic. Unless you're just over the river in an area like Brixton, tube stops are restricted to the Northern or Jubilee line in places like Clapham or Lewisham, but you can also find beautiful places to live in Greenwich and Putney and handy commuter living in areas like New Cross and Wimbledon. Living in South London is cheaper and you'll have access to lots of green spaces, but you'll also find plenty of thriving local neighbourhood markets, bars and venues.

What To Plan For: The most important preparation here will be to think about where you need to commute to and what your route will be. Pick the wrong area and your daily travel could take more time than you're willing to give.

North London
Like any region of the city, "North" covers a huge range of options when it comes to London and there really is something for everyone. Areas like Camden, Angel, East Finchley and Crouch End can be a goldmine for small, affordable flats in areas packed with great bars and restaurants close to the city centre. Highgate and Hampstead are beautiful but very expensive, and for most people looking to move to London will probably be reserved for park walks. The easy access to public transport means that even the more affordable areas can be surprisingly pricey, so North London is an excellent choice for those looking for a house share.

What To Plan For: If you find a place here, don't count on a lot of space unless you've got a lot of cash to burn. Looking for London storage options is a sensible choice for your bulkier items, and SafeStore has locations all over the city.

East London
East London is constantly evolving, with areas like Hackney and Shoreditch emerging as some of the trendiest regions in the city. The parts closest to the centre throw city traders and artists together, and further out you'll find more affordable living and a wide range of shopping options at Stratford. If you're looking for a house rather than a cramped apartment, East London could well be the right fit for you as areas further out are well served by the Jubilee line and TFL Rail, and if you're looking for great nightlife, Dalston is a must.

What To Plan For: If you move to East London, make friends with the TFL website. If everything is running smoothly it's fine, but anyone who has lived beyond Zone 2 will tell you that works and closures are a regular issue.

West London
Finding something affordable in West London may be something of a challenge, as its reputation as one of the most beautiful and most exclusive parts of the city is absolutely earned. But if you go beyond the famous postcodes and look at areas like Shepherd's Bush and Hammersmith, you could find yourself hitting the jackpot. For anyone willing to commit to a longer commute, Ealing and Kew are absolutely gorgeous, but they're also highly sought after so get ready to get competitive!

What To plan For: If you're really set on finding somewhere to live in West London, prepare yourself for a long hunt. If you find somewhere, get ready for long walks through lots of green space.

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