New Sustainable London Restaurant Offers the Best Chefs Out There For You!
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New Sustainable London Restaurant Offers Best Chefs For You!

We are sure that just like everyone else you love eating at your favorite restaurant. Some of us make it to our favorite places a few times a month while others want to save up their money to go to that pricey sushi place they wanted to all along. If you are in London, and want to go to a place that has some amazing food, you will love this news. It's as good as a online casino in London.

Merlin Labron Johnson: The New Chef!
Merlin Labron Johnson has just been chosen to be the new executive chef for the new restaurant, The Conduit. Founded by Paul Van Zyl, Nick Hamilton and Rowan Finnegan, all entrepreneurs, the restaurant will be open in Mayfair Street, the former Brassier Chavot on Conduit, in mid-September.

The Conduit is being opened as a place where entrepreneurs, business people, investors, creatives and the civil society can meet and discuss pressing issues. The various challenges which we are facing today need solutions and societal change.

It's a Lot More than Food Here!
One of the most pressing issues, for instance, is the food supply chain. The Conduit has already partnered with some of the best suppliers. They include the Lake District Farmers who are meat suppliers, Kernow Sasmi who are seafood suppliers, Natoora the fruit suppliers and OrganicLea Community Farm.

Merlin Labron has been appointed because of his modern and imaginative way of cooking. He has garnered recognition that some chefs have been dreaming of for decades. At the age of 24 he opened up a restaurant in Portland that garnered a star at just nine months. This was a great shock to him because he had expressed his sentiments to the Michelin inspectors that he was not interested. Previously he had worked in Michelin restaurants in Switzerland, Belgium and France for six years. After the success of the Portland restaurant, he was able to open up another restaurant called the Clipstone in August 2016. The Conduit is a whole new opportunity for creativity according to Labron. He is more than happy to try an orthodox kitchen, something different from his two Michelin star restaurants.

Apart from Labron Johnson, another executive chef who will be joining him is Massimo Botura. He is probably one of the best new generation Italian chefs in the world. His famous restaurant Osteria Francescana has won him three Michelin stars, moreover, it was rated as the 5th best restaurant in the world.

Botura will be joining Labron Johnson for a four-day convention before the official opening. The restaurant hopes to attract at least two or three chefs of their level and class every year. The Conduit is set to be one of the most ambitious restaurants in London. It has a business outlook to all that they offer and as long as they have this star chef line up, they will take over London. Have you thought about making a visit to it yet?

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