Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho
Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho
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Brazil meets Japan at Sushinho
by Burlington Bertie

If the fusion of Japanese sushi, (raw fish, pickles, vegetables and seasoned rice), with the exotic zest of South American ingredients and Brazilian warmth seems an unlikely combination, think again! Brazil is home to the largest ethnic Japanese community outside Japan and has given rise to an interesting culinary fusion of Pacific and Atlantic gastronomy.

You can sample this intriguing culinary mix for yourself without following Portuguese navigator and explorer Pedro Cabral on his epic 1500 voyage of discovery and colonization to the South American continent. A mere taxi ride to Sushinho, in King's Road, Chelsea or to Sunshine City its twin in Devonshire Square, will suffice.

Here, your taste buds will be titillated with a fusion of traditional Japanese dishes like the iconic Japanese hand rolled temaki or uramaki , (sushi of vinegar spiced rice and seaweed, filled on this occasion with tropical fruits and served with such Brazilian delights as nachos de salmon, king prawns or the famous South American empanadas, those delicious fried or baked pastries stuffed with savory meat, fish or sweet fruit that, like Cabral, came from the Iberian Peninsula.

While waiting for your table or relaxing after your meal at the Chelsea Sushinho, go downstairs to the cosy longe bar and enjoy a sakerinha, the Japanese take on the caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail based on cachaca a sugarcane alcohol, in the restaurant's lounge bar.

Award winning Executive Chef Joni Viscardi uses only seafood, meat and poultry in his Chelsea and City restaurants that is guaranteed to be from sustainable sources and changes his menu to reflect fresh seasonal availability. Under his direction, Sushinho Chelsea fills an interesting niche in the remarkable variety of London's ethnic and regional cuisine. Strongly recommended!

Sushinho Chelsea 312-314 Kings Road, SW3 5UH.
R: 020 77349 7496. E:
Open Su-Fri, 5.30pm-12am; Sats, 12.30pm-12am.

Sunshine City Devonshire Square, EC2M 4AE. T: 020 7220 9490. E:
Open Mon-Fri, 12pm-3pm; 5.30pm-10.30pm. Sats, 6pm-10.30pm.

Average price for 2 persons incl. wine and service: $140.

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