From Africa to tea with the Queen: A Journey Like No Other
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From Africa to tea with the Queen: A Journey Like No Other

When an octogenarian lady tells you that she wishes to have tea with her highness, the queen, you would probably think that she is illusioned. But not for Julia Albu. This lady embarked on her five months-long journeys from a village near cape town to London all by herself. Her travel mate was her 20-year old Toyota, whom she fondly calls Travis. We are sure you would love to hear her story, as much as you love to play online games with the winner bingo promotions that helps  you win more!

The Story of a Thousands Miles of Journey
Some stories teach you the value of grit and determination, as well as telling you that there is nothing impossible.  

This enthusiastic lady got the inspiration to do so after hearing the president Jacob Zuma's list of expensive cars. She wanted to prove that she can get to the queen in her well-maintained Travis. The lady got herself inoculated with all sorts of diseases. She passed through the African continent enjoying her virgin scenery. She fondly recalls her road-trips to be the one filled with surprise and calmness.  

The African continent is well-known for her wildlife. Her closest frightening encounter was with an elephant that ran straight into her car. The beauty of the Victoria falls in Zimbabwe, and the deserts of Ethiopia made her appreciate the nature's beauty. The shepherds and the tracks playing in her car made the journey look like a fairytale. Albu didn't lose her spirit despite all these. She was equally encouraged by her family and grandchildren. Sometimes, her grandchildren accompanied her, but it was mostly herself who drove through the countries. She enthusiastically recalls being greeted by school kids who would read her stories.  

Her journey was not always filled with joy. She had to sleep on roads sometimes. Even if she slept inside her car, her age made her undergo postural problems. While she drove unstopped throughout Africa, she was stopped at the Egyptian border. Authorities stopped her for days. She had to sleep in cafes. After that, she had to fly back to cape town.

After Tracy reached Greece, she flew over there. From there, she again started her journey crossing Croatia, Germany, and Holland. Reaching London was all she needed. But unfortunately, she arrived in the week of the royal ascot. Royals were not available to meet her. She did feel disheartened at this. Even we feel sorry for her. It is rare for a lady of her age to gather spirits for such a long journey. Ask Albu, and she will say that she finds the English people strange because they didn't appreciate her long journey.  

She admits that after the demise of her husband, she was kind of lost. But this journey has re-filled her with vigor. She now feels young at heart. She is again off to her journey to Italy to Tunisia to cape town. She obviously now finds air travel pretty boring. Kudos to the spirits of this lady who surely knows how to live life!  

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