A Royal Baby for Royal London in a Royal Year
A Royal Baby for Royal London in a Royal Year A Royal Baby for Royal London in a Royal Year A Royal Baby for Royal London in a Royal Year
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A Royal Baby for Royal London in a Royal Year
with Burlington Bertie

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave hospital with their baby in a car driven by Prince William himself.

It's a boy! And Prince William declares "We could not be happier!"

If you are in London now, be prepared for royal gun salutes, (62 from the guns of the Tower of London, and 41 from the guns of the King's Troop in Green Park); blue fountains in Trafalgar Square, celebration peals from the bells of Westminster Abbey and St. Pauls - and street parties galore throughout London over the next few weeks as Londoners celebrate in this year of the 60th anniversary of The Queen's Coronation.

I joined the small crowd waiting outside Buckingham Palace to hear the news on what was the hottest day in London for seven years. There was an expectant hush when a smiling liveried servant marched briskly out across the Palace forecourt with The Queen's Press Secretary. In keeping with royal tradition she placed a framed announcement of the birth of a boy to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on a gilded easel placed at the Palace front gates. A cheering crowd doubled in size as if by magic as we jostled to read the simple message printed on the Palace letterhead and signed by the Queen's gynecologist.

I spoke to one girl from America there. "It's my birthday too today and I wanted to be here to share it with the new Prince," she said happily. "I'll never forget this moment."

As the dusk fell and the floodlights were turned on to illuminate the magnificent Aston Webb frontage of Buckingham Palace, I turned to make my way up the Queen's Walk that leads through Green Park from the Memorial Gardens facing the Palace to Piccadilly and the Ritz. This was an occasion for a celebratory champagne cocktail at the Ritz's magnificent art deco Rivoli Bar.

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