Pandemic Travel Tips for City Workers Travelling Overseas
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Pandemic Travel Tips for City Workers Travelling Overseas
There has been nothing normal about 2020. That actually feels like a gross understatement when you look at all that has unfolded this year. Almost every part of people's lives has been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic, ranging from minor inconveniences to large life-altering adjustments. One area that the pandemic has greatly influenced is how people travel. In today's world, there are now pandemic travel tips you need to follow to keep you safe and healthy throughout your time away. These include the following.

Pack Your Carry-On Luggage Wisely
Because you will be travelling with thousands of other people in busy airports, you want to be sure you have the proper pandemic safety items with you. These include an airline-approved hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes, and a few masks so you can switch them out and keep them fresh.

Know the Rules and Restrictions of the Destination
It's also very important you familiarise yourself with all the COVID-19 rules and restrictions that are in place at the destination you are travelling to. You cannot just assume they're the same as your own country, town/city, as each place is unique. The rules and restrictions are there to keep everyone safe, so you want to be sure you're doing your part.

Keep in mind that many countries around the world have quarantine rules you'll need to adhere to when you arrive. Some may also require you to take a COVID-19 test right before travelling, which you'll need to plan for.

Be Sure to Purchase Travel Insurance
One of the most important tips for those city workers that will be travelling overseas is to purchase travel insurance. It doesn't matter what your age is, or your current health, travel insurance is a necessity for all travellers as you never know what may happen when you're away from home. It's all about providing people with peace of mind, and ensuring they don't end up with a massive medical bill they have to pay for.

In today's climate, travel insurance is even more important as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage. This is why you want to specifically look for coronavirus travel insurance from top insurance providers like Staysure. Travel insurance from Staysure features unlimited medical expenses as well as an impressive cancellation cover. Should you come down with COVID-19 within 14 days of travelling, you can cancel your trip and know that you're covered.

There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Hand Washing
Once you arrive at your destination, the best way to stay healthy is to adhere to good hand hygiene. Washing your hands properly and often is touted by doctors as one of the best ways to protect yourself.

Remember to Stay Socially Distanced
Whether or not it is stated in the guidelines of the destination, maintaining that safe social distance is imperative when travelling. This, along with mask wearing and hand washing, will really take so many unknowns out of the equation.

This also means avoiding large crowds, and visiting attractions, restaurants, and using public transit when it isn't peak hours. Reservations may also be required to take part in activities and dining, as these help to control crowd sizes. This is the sort of thing you can research in advance, and speak to your hotel lobby or concierge about.

Cutting Down on Risk While Travelling is Possible
At the end of the day, there is no completely safe or guaranteed way to travel. There is always going to be an element of risk involved during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with that said, there are some very solid measures you can take that will help to protect your health and give you peace of mind.

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