"Meghan Mania" Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
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"Meghan Mania" Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

For many tourists heading to London, one thing above all sits on top of their bucket list - catching a glimpse of the Royal Family. Of course, it's not as if you will bump into the Queen in the local Starbucks, but doing something like a tour of Buckingham Palace or visiting St James's Park is sure to give you plenty of insight into the British monarchy,

Indeed, it's the newest addition to the Royal Family that has been the centre of attention for tourists and local alike. We are, of course, speaking of Meghan Markle, or to give her the full list of titles: Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dumbarton and Baroness of Kilkeel.

Meghan married Prince Harry in May 2018, in a ceremony that was beamed around the globe from the stunning Windsor Castle. There has always been an interest in Prince Harry to be sure, but the fact he married an American TV star just heightened the interest.

Tabloid coverage of Meghan intense
It's difficult to stress just how much coverage there is of the former Suits actress in the newspapers and gossip websites. Sometimes, of course, the stories are scurrilous, and one could argue that tabloids delve a little too far into their conjecturing of Meghan's relationship with the rest of the Royals and her own family.

However, on the whole, the British love their new addition to the Monarchy, ironically with a duel sense that she is both a commoner and nobility. As if one of their own has risen the ranks to become part of the Establishment.

Of course, when you walk down the streets of London, souvenir shops are stuffed full of royal tat, offering you everything from plates with Prince Harry and Meghan's face on them to Royal Wedding condoms (yes, you read that correctly).

But while you might think that the Brits are simply trying to cash-in on tourists' love of the Royals, you have to remember that the British public's own interest in the monarchy also borders on the obsessive.

Royal betting is hugely popular
Consider that is a whole industry of betting on events surrounding the Royal Family and you can even check this specific guide to Prince Harry and Meghan royal betting to get a flavour of what it's all about. What sort of things would they bet on? Well for a start the only thing that the British Public love more than a Royal Wedding is a new addition to the family. Odds are given out by Ladbrokes at 10/11 that Meghan and Harry have a boy, 19/20 from Marathon Sports that it's a girl.

Other betting markets would include the name of the baby, with Bet365 putting Phillip (as in Harry's grandfather, Prince Phillip) as the 10/1 frontrunner. Other names include Alice and Diana at 12/1. You can even bet on the day of the week the Royal baby is born. Also, to show that the British have a sense of humour, you can also bet with Paddy Power at 23/10 that the baby - like its father - has some ginger hair.

The popularity of those betting markets shows that "Meghan Mania" shows no signs of slowing down. Indeed, as we have seen in the past with Princess Diana and Kate, it'll probably not change decades from now. So, if you are off to London, don't be surprised to find that the locals are just as enthused about the Royal Family as you are.  

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